Our Partners overview

At CrestTec, our partnerships go beyond mere transactions. We align ourselves with industry leaders who share our commitment to quality, reliability, and technological progress. Here's how our strategic collaborations add value to your operations:

Pioneering Material
Advancements for Tomorrow's Technologies'

Our partnership with Precision Polymer Engineering (PPE) amplifies CrestTec's dedication to state-of-the-art solutions. Established in 1975 and headquartered in Blackburn, England, PPE is a leading name in the development of elastomer materials, high-performance O-rings, and technical rubber moldings.

With manufacturing facilities in both the UK and the US, and a global reach that includes Europe and Asia, PPE consistently delivers on safety, efficiency, and reliability as part of the IDEX Sealing Solutions companies. IDEX Sealing Solutions focuses on manufacturing solutions prioritizing safety, efficiency, and reliability based on material properties and design needs.

When you collaborate with CrestTec, you benefit directly from PPE's groundbreaking advancements in elastomer materials, ensuring your semiconductor processes stay ahead of the curve.

Your Source for Unmatched Composite Solutions

We are proud to be an authorized distributor for Parker Hannifin. With our extensive history and knowledge of how Parker seals and o-rings can support semiconductor and life science manufacturing, you can count on us to provide you with the optimal solution. Parker is an industry leader in creating custom shapes/sizes, elastomer to metal bonded parts, and other unique composite designs for optimal performance in dynamic and harsh conditions.

Where Customization Meets Standardization

CKD manufactures total solutions for controlling chemical, gas, vacuum and pneumatic pressure from utility to machines in semiconductor manufacturing. Whether you're looking for custom weldment fabrication or standardized product lines, CKD offers a range of options that align with CrestTec's dedication to excellence. Our partnership amplifies your choices, ensuring you get the right solution for your unique challenges. CrestTec is CKD's only authorized semiconductor fab distributor in North America.

Elevating Material Science to New Heights

Our partnership with Evantic adds a layer of specialized material science to CrestTec's offerings. Evantic is a leader in polymer development, molding, design, and machining materials. They bring a comprehensive understanding of the various properties of plastics, from physical to thermal.

This expertise fits seamlessly with CrestTec's engineering capabilities, providing you with solutions that are both effective and tailored to your specific needs. Together, we enhance your operational performance and product quality.