CrestTec specializes in delivering high-performance solutions tailored to the unique demands of the semiconductor and biopharmaceutical industries. Through our QualificationAssist program, we comprehensively understand your application requirements, allowing us to fine-tune our offerings for maximum effectiveness.

Our product range spans valves, flow control, and weldment fabrication, each designed to enhance your manufacturing processes. Choose CrestTec for solutions that meet your immediate needs and contribute to long-term operational success.

Product Categories


Biopharma and Pharma process

Product Offerings

CrestTec’s Product Offerings tool is a 3D visualization of the most widely used Semiconductor tools – providing unmatched detail on the process and support equipment where we can provide critical part solutions.

Exploring your tool at macro and micro scale, our engineers and part specialists can work with your engineering teams to identify current and future part needs to ensure your tools are running at optimal production now and into the future.

Product Offerings
Precision Machined Metals
Weldment Fabrication
Valves, Flow & Vacuum Control

Precision Machined Metals

CrestTec offers high-quality precision machined metals designed to meet the specific needs of the semiconductor industry. Our product line includes replacement parts for key industry equipment, such as gas distribution face plates and chamber components. With a commitment to quality and accuracy, our machined metals are a reliable choice for enhancing your manufacturing processes.

  • Gas Distribution Face/Blocker Plates and Electrodes
  • Chamber Components
  • Custom/Build to print

Weldment Fabrication

Precision matters in the semiconductor deposition and etch markets, and that's exactly what you get with CrestTec's Precision Weldment Solutions. We prioritize safety, contamination control, and quality, customizing our welding solutions to fit the unique requirements of your processes and gas distribution systems.

  • Custom Design Collaboration
  • Large Volume Contract Manufacturing
  • Build-to-Print Services
  • Unique Coatings to Reduce Corrosion and Particle Contamination

Valves, Flow & Vacuum Control

For those in the semiconductor industry who require high precision control over gas, liquid, vacuum, and pneumatic systems, CrestTec offers an array of specialized components. These are meticulously designed to meet rigorous standards for precision, reliability, and cleanliness essential for critical applications.

  • Gas Control Components
  • Chemical/Liquid Control Systems
  • Vacuum Control Solutions
  • Pneumatic Control Components


Seal attributes like profile, dimensions, and material offer endless customization options. We continually innovate with new elastomer and thermoplastic formulas to meet diverse needs. From simple "O" profiles to advanced features like pressure-activated lips, our expertise helps you choose seals that optimize performance, not just meet basic requirements. This sets us apart from competitors, enabling your products to operate more efficiently and effectively.

  • Orings & Spliced/Vulcanized Seals
  • Custom Molded Shapes
  • Bonded Solutions

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